Increase conversions by adjusting your copy

1. Identify the primary traffic referral source for a landing page, and edit its copy to focus on that audience.

For example, Quanticate focused on LinkedIn, posted more and better content there, used Answers and Groups, and achieved a 10x increase in traffic and a 10x increase in conversions.

2. Add customer testimonials to back up claims in your copy.

For example, if the copy claims that your product will help businesses improve their sales, include testimonials where customers talk about their sales, and the improvements they’ve achieved using your product. WikiJob added testimonials to their site and improved their conversion rate by 34%.

3. Simplify the way you present your pricing, and make sure it's easy to find on your website.

BaseKit made their pricing page bolder, brighter, clearer, nicer, and more obvious, and achieved a 25% increase in conversions.

4. Include reviews from happy customers on product and service pages.

Figleaves improved their conversion rate by more than 35% by adding reviews to their website.

5. Create buyer personas and edit your copy to better focus on their pain points and needs.

RightNow Technologies increased their conversions 4x by building a persona focused site.

6. Focus your value proposition on one or two key points, then test different versions to discover which ones resonate with your audience.

The Sims 3 website did that and got a 128% increase in game registrations.

7. Focus your copy on an action that users can take, and the consequences of that action.

L’Axelle changed the tone of their copy; Feel fresh without sweat marks became Put an end to sweat marks and so on. The wording of headline and copy had a huge impact when it came to converting. A take-action feel performed 93% better.

8. Use bullet points to outline benefits so that people can quickly scan and decide whether they're interested.

Unionen tested talking about benefits in a bullet point list vs paragraph of text. Bullet points resulted in a 15.9% improvement.

9. Focus your landing page copy on one main idea and trim out distractions.

AssessmentDay cut the amount of content on their landing page, and sales went up by 62%. Don’t cut too much as insufficient information is a conversion killer.

10. Use aspirational copy and images to help potential customers imagine life with your product or service.