Increase brand awareness

1. Identify top performing marketing channels to see where existing customers congregate.

By reviewing the insights available on your social media channels, you can identify where the majority of your audience spends their time. Also, consider your email subscriber list, which includes customers who already know your brand and enjoy your content. You can use platform analytics to develop creative brand awareness strategies to expand your reach and attract the attention of potential customers.

2. Create a branded hashtag to inspire more user generated content and attract the attention of people in your followers' social circles.

User generated content can benefit your business in several ways, including expanding your reach, generating buzz around your brand, boosting follower engagement, and providing valuable social proof to build trust in your brand. By using a branded hashtag, you can encourage your followers to share their own experiences with your brand and add to a larger social media conversation about your hashtag.

3. Run a special contest or giveaway that encourages your current followers to tag their friends in your post.

Contests are incredibly valuable because they engage your audience, reward your loyal customers, and expand your reach. They also help increase your following and boost awareness of your brand among extended social circles.  You can amplify this idea by including prizes for the winner’s tagged friends. For example, if your giveaway required each participant to tag two of their friends in the comments section, the giveaway prize could include a $100 gift card each for the winner and their two friends.

4. Develop a referral program that rewards loyal customers for referring your brand to others. Promote your new program in a special email campaign.

For example, create an email campaign that targets a segment of repeat customers on your email subscriber list. Promote a referral program that rewards both the customer and the new referral with a free product, redeemable after filling out a special sign-up form.

5. Create shareable content, such as an infographic or guest blog post.

Providing a valuable piece of content for your audience and that of another industry leader is an excellent way to boost awareness of your brand among a wider audience. This presents an opportunity for both of your brands to cross-promote content and increase the engagement level of both audiences.

6. Sponsor a local event to give back to your community and generate brand awareness.

Sponsoring an event gives your brand a unique opportunity to support a local charity or initiative while creating brand awareness. For example, if your community is hosting a 5K benefitting a local animal shelter, consider sponsoring the event and distributing free water bottles with your logo on them.

7. Run a remarketing campaign to target leads who interacted with your content without converting.

To amplify your brand awareness campaign, target ads to prospects to keep your brand top of mind for them as they browse content on other sites.