Improve social engagement on your Facebook ads

1. Find the ad or ad set in your Ads Manager that you want to generate more social proof for and duplicate it into a new campaign.

In Ads Manager on the ad set or ads level, hover over the ad set or ad that you want to duplicate and click on Duplicate. A pop-up window will appear. As you want to generate more social proof on the same ad that it is already running, you need to duplicate your ad into a new campaign since the campaign objective is determined on the campaign level.

2. Select New Campaign and change the campaign objective in the dropdown menu to Post Engagement.

3. Name the campaign and the ad set, make sure Show existing reactions, comments and shares on new ads is selected, and click on Duplicate.

Use a descriptive name for your campaign and ad set, so that later you will know at a glance what the objective of this campaign is.

4. Set the budget for the duplicated ad set at a $5-10/day on the ad set level and publish it.

Don’t change anything on the ad itself at the ad level, like editing copy or changing creatives. If you do so, a new ad will be created and all the likes and shares will not be attributed to the initial ad you want to generate social proof for. The likes and shares generated this way will be attributed to the original ad, which make Facebook’s algorithm will consider the ad as being relevant and will serve it more.

5. Use positive images, videos and copy that are relevant to your audience.

Positive content has a higher potential of going viral and gaining more social engagement. Try implementing some humor on the ad videos or image.