Improve product page design

1. Use product images with a simple background to keep the focus on the product itself.

Keeping distraction to a minimum will allow the users to focus on the most important aspects of the product image.

2. Add prominent CTAs like Add to Cart to direct shoppers to the next step.

Test different CTAs to determine which ones work best.

3. Offer a Favorites or a Wishlist button in addition to your main CTA.

Don’t make the button larger or more prominent than your main CTA. When a product is added to favorites or to the wishlist, don’t redirect the user to that page – let them continue shopping.

4. Use multiple product images, zoom, 3D view features and videos to offer as much detail as possible and show the products in context.

For example, if you sell couches, using an image of a couch in a living room allows shoppers to get a better idea of what the couch looks like in real-life context. Add product videos wherever possible to provide information that would otherwise not be understood and could significantly increase conversions.

5. Use product images that show all possible product variations to simplify purchase decisions.

Display the different colors and sizes on the same product page, to avoid distracting the user by redirecting them to a different page. Make sure your variations and color swatches are accurate. Use actual product photos for different variations.

6. Use a consistent format for the product information of similar products, to facilitate product comparisons.

For example, collapsible menus or tabs.

7. Add a method to notify shoppers when unavailable products are back in stock.

Display an email address input field to allow users to subscribe to notifications. Use a tool like the Back in Stock Notifier plugin for WooCommerce.

8. Use phrases like “Hurry” or “Buy Now” to create a sense of urgency and persuade shoppers to act immediately.

9. Display payment options for expensive products to motivate users to make a purchase.

For expensive products, allow users to stretch payments over a longer period of time.

10. Add social share buttons to your thank you page instead of your product page.