Improve newsletter click-through rates

1. Make your email look consistent with your website branding by ensuring you have a clear and visible company logo at the top of your email. Users are significantly more likely to click an email from a business they recognize.

2. Repeat any important information or calls to action contained in an image, as text within your email.

Often images will not load automatically in a users inbox. If you have say, a 20% off offer, and it’s only shown on an image that does not load, your user will not see it.

3. Use a focused layout that asks the user to perform a specific action like Shop bestsellers now. Single column emails with a large call-to-action button at the end tend to get better click rates.

It’s not always suitable to use a single column layout. For example, you may wish to showcase multiple products, in which case a 2 or 3 column layout would be more effective. In this case, you should keep the headline section of your email, which is the top section with your hero image or header text, as a single column. Insert your product section under this and then add a single column section after your products, with a strong call to action.

4. Use a variety of calls to action including individual product buttons, larger general call to action buttons like Shop bestsellers now, and text-only calls to action contained within a paragraph.

Example of text-only calls to action: Get 20% off our bestsellers until midnight, shop now and bag yourself a bargain! Hyperlink the bold text to the relevant page.

5. Insert your best offer or content as early as possible in the email. You want to engage your user as soon as they open the email and avoid burying the details further down the email.

Discounts, offers, and freebies should be included as close to the top of the email as possible. You want to avoid making a user scroll to find your offer.

6. When appropriate add a time or scarcity pressure to encourage the user to click now.

Countdown timers and limited quantities of products are excellent examples of creating scarcity or time pressure. You want to make the user think they may miss out on a great offer if they wait

7. Use HTML to create call-to-action buttons or use your email platform's button content block. Buttons that are images may not load automatically and your user may not see your call to action button.

All email platforms will have a button content block that you can place in your email. This will automatically create an HTML button for you.