Improve mobile search for ecommerce

1. Place your search bar in an expected location like the top navigation.

2. Use large, color-contrasting text and a magnifying glass icon to make your search bar more prominent.

For example, Zappos’s search bar takes up a large amount of space compared to other menu elements and includes both a color-contrasting Search button and magnifying glass icon. Zappos uses a search bar that's front and center on the top menu, takes up a large amount of space compared to other menu elements and includes both a color-contrasting “Search” button and magnifying glass icon.

3. Use an advanced search bar, like Ajax Search for WooCommerce, that incorporates autocomplete, spellcheck, and search history features to ensure search results are always relevant.

Ask your web developer to add these features if you use a different platform or aren’t technically inclined.

4. Add autosuggest using a plugin like Ajax Search for WooCommerce to recommend different categories and subcategories if you have many products available.

For example, if you sell clothes, autosuggest could recommend categories like Men’s Sweaters, Women’s Sweaters, and Kids’ Sweaters as users type sweater into the search box. The visitors can then simply tap on the suggested category they’re looking for instead of navigating through multiple pages to arrive at their intended destination.

5. Use breadcrumbs to remind users where they are and give them an easy way to navigate back to search results or product lists.

Breadcrumb trails show users the hierarchical path that lead them to their current page and allow them to easily return to the previous page. For example, if a user searches for backpacks and notices the breadcrumb Back to Results followed by Accessories > Women’s Accessories > Women’s backpacks after clicking on a search result, they become instantly aware that there may be more types of bags under Women’s Accessories and can either navigate to the accessories category or back to their search results in one click. Breadcrumbs and breadcrumb trails are built into platforms like WooCommerce, but ask your web developer to add them to your platform or configure them if you’re not sure how to.