Improve landing page design

1. Use category landing pages to direct visitors and organize products if you sell different products.

If you sell more than 4 products, then use a landing page to direct visitors to specific products.

2. Use a minimalist design for your landing pages and avoid overcrowding them with long text and too many images.

3. Use category thumbnails and graphics that fully represent the breadth of the category.

For example, if you sell sporting goods, using a thumbnail displaying footballs and helmets may mislead visitors into thinking you only sell football equipment. Use a thumbnail displaying a football, hockey stick, and tennis racket instead.

4. List the products featured in the category image at the top of the landing page to simplify navigation.

Alternatively, include the name of the product in a caption by the photo to allow visitors to easily search for it.

5. Feature popular brands and filter selections on your category landing pages to make it easier for visitors to find their favorite products.

This simplifies landing page navigation for visitors, introduces new visitors to the product range, and gives them an easy way to access the corresponding categories.

6. Highlight promotions and discounts by using different colors for the fonts or by adding colored labels under the product pictures.

7. Highlight promotions and campaigns in a hero banner at the top of the category.

8. If you offer free delivery or free returns, show these features at the top of the page, above the main navigation or to the side of it.

You can use icons instead of text to keep the design cleaner.