Improve homepage copy and content credibility

1. Use third-party software like Grammarly or Hemingway or hire a proofreader to proofread your copy before publishing.

2. Include links to statistics and research cited in your copy.

For example, instead of saying ‘’our company is among the top 10 most popular shoe sellers,’’ say ‘’according to XYZ website, our store is among the top 10 most popular shoe sellers.’’

3. Post logos of any renowned clients or famous partner companies.

4. Use photos, names, locations, and job positions to back up your customer testimonials.

For example, when quoting Jane Doe, add Jane Doe, Search Engine Optimization expert, based in Los Angeles before the testimonial instead of just their name. If possible, link to their social media accounts.

5. Write calls to action that finish the sentence “I want to…” for your target audience.

For example, if your audience is looking to save money, a good CTA would be Save $15 on every purchase of $50 or more.

6. Write CTAs that highlight what customers receive, not what they lose.

For example, instead of writing Spend $50 to receive a discount, write Receive a 15% discount on all purchases above $50.

7. Display shipping, return, and refund policies alongside your call to action to address potential objections people might have towards acting.

8. Add your full address and phone number on all pages and ensure customers can easily find them.

For example, add your company details to the header and footer of all your website’s pages.

9. Use real names and photos of your staff to reassure customers that they’re dealing with real people.

Use real names and photos for company staff and anyone working in a customer-facing role.

10. Place search boxes, navigation menus, links, and live chat bubbles in the same places throughout all your pages so customers can easily spot them.