Improve copy for sales

1. Create a clear and easy to understand headline that is easily visible and has value to grab the prospect’s attention within the first 7 seconds.

Show customers immediately what’s in it for them – what can you do for them?  Consider what the customer wants right now – why do they need your product? Use sub-headlines to help link the headline to the copy.

2. Use copy that gives the prospect a reason to buy what you’re selling.

Don’t assume that prospects know they need what you’re selling. Why should they buy your product?  What problem does your product solve? For example, for a do-it-yourself solution, begin with helping the prospect diagnose whether they have the issue that your product resolves. Use quantifiable statements to show value and gain trust. For example: What is the savings cost? Is there a discount and how much? Why is your product better than the competition? What makes your product unique?

3. Clearly state the value of the product or offer instead of persuading the prospect to buy.

Be specific and use clarity in your headline and copy. Use creativity to add to the value, not detract from it. Describe exactly what you are offering. Use bullet points to emphasize valuable features.

4. Use your copy to communicate the value of the product.

How much copy you will use depends on:  How aware of the product is the customer? How easy is the product for the customer to grasp? How relevant is the problem to the customer? What is the call to action? Smaller calls to action require smaller amounts of copy. Use larger copy for high anxiety, complicated, or high commitments products such as a medical facility. Be sparse with words and explain the value simply to engage the prospect and give them a reason to purchase.

5. Align your CTAs with the prospect’s expectations.

Ask your prospect to “Click here to find out more” instead of asking them to “buy now.” In an email campaign where prospects may not be ready to buy yet, use “See how works,” instead of “Get started now.”