Improve category naming and copy

1. Use names that clearly distinguish products and avoid names that suggest overlapping products to avoid confusing potential customers.

For example, having a category named Lawn care and another one named Lawnmowers can create confusion among potential customers. Group similar products under subcategories if necessary.

2. Use short, straightforward, and descriptive product names to guide customers to the right category.

For example, say Backpacking tents instead of Award-winning hiking tents.

3. Use full names and avoid abbreviations whenever possible.

4. Use card sorting to ask users to suggest simple, clear category names.

Do user testing with 5-15 users to gather the terms they use when referring to your product categories.

5. Use the most popular product names suggested based on the majority opinion.

6. Use a short category description at the top of the page to highlight the most popular products or to inform users about promotions, coupon codes or campaigns.

7. Add descriptive alt texts to product images.

8. Maintain a consistent capitalization style for category pages and products.

For example, use title case for category names, and sentence case for product names.