Import user activity data from BigQuery to Google Sheets

1. On the Google Cloud Platform console, find your Google Project on the left side of the page.

Find the project ID in the Project info section of the dashboard.

2. Install and enter your Google Project ID.

3. Enter the SQL query to review the data and return the requested information to Google Sheets.

4. Create a service account and generate a JSON Key file.

On the left side of the activity dashboard, click on IAM & Admin. Click on the Service Accounts > + Create service account. Type in the Service Account name and click Create. Add two roles, BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User, then press Continue and Done.

5. Find the service account you’ve just created in the list of service accounts and open it.

6. Under the Keys section, click on Add key > Create new key. For Key type, choose JSON. Click Create.

Your JSON file will automatically be saved to your computer.

7. Open your JSON file, open the Raw data tab, copy the contents, and paste them into integration setup.

8. Schedule automatic data refreshes and run a manual import to upload the initial data for the first time.