Import new users’ data from GA to Google Sheets

1. Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and install the Google Analytics add-on.

2. Open a Google Sheet and go to the Add-ons menu > Google Analytics > Create new report.

3. Set up the parameters for a new report. Specify the Google Analytics account, View, and Property, as well as add metrics and dimensions relevant for your case.

The add-on will create a separate sheet called Report configuration, which contains the default parameters and those you’ve specified in the previous step.

4. Adjust default parameters such as the time interval you want to create the report for.

For example, you can replace the default value 30daysAgo for the Start Date with a custom date.

5. Go to the Add-ons menu > Google Analytics > Run reports.

6. Schedule automatic data refreshes for your report by going to Add-ons > Google Analytics > Schedule Reports. You can set up the frequency to refresh every hour, every day, or every month.

7. Populate the Awareness column of your marketing funnel sheet with the data from Google Analytics.