Import and export data using CSV file in MySQL workbench

1. Check that the table column and CSV file column data types match before importing the CSV file.

The import wizard will not work correctly if the data types do not match.

2. Navigate to Schemas, expand Tables, right-click the table to import the date into, and click Table Data Import Wizard.

3. Enter the file path to or browse for the CSV file to import it into the current table.

4. Check the configuration settings to make sure the data types are correct and both the CSV file and table column data match, click Next, and check for the green ticks next to Prepare Import and Import data file in the Table Data Import wizard to ensure the import worked.

5. Create a new CSV file with defined table columns, or use an existing file, navigate to Schemas, right click Tables, and click Table Data Import Wizard if you want to create new tables directly from CSV files to save time.

The only difference between importing data into a table and creating a new table is clicking Create New Table and ticking the Drop table if exists in the Table Data Import wizard.