Implement site-wide email opt-in

1. Choose an email opt-in service like Sumo, OptiMonk, OptinMonster, or the Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin for WordPress compatible with your email service provider.

Alternatively, if you use WordPress, you can use any plugin that can display exit-intent popups and allows you to use custom URLs, such as Convert Plus, Popup Maker, or Thrive Leads.

2. Choose a way to implement the site-wide opt-in, such as a popup, button in the header of your website, a sign-up box on the right side of your web pages, or a sign-up box in your site footer.

If you have chosen to implement a button on the header of your website, you will need to ask your web developer to create a unique landing page to capture website visitor email addresses, link the button to your landing page, and program the landing page form to submit the email address to your email service and redirect users back to your homepage. Most dedicated tools will support on-page sign up forms or popups by default.

3. Add a headline, short description, call to action, and redirect URL to your opt-in box via your chosen opt-in service or tool.

See your opt-in service product manual for more information on adding these to your opt-in box, or ask your web developer to input these for you if using a custom tool. The redirect URL could be to any lead magnet you offer or back to your homepage. Alternatively, a thank-you message that appears in place of the opt-in box could also work well if your chosen tool supports it.

4. Connect your opt-in box to your email service and embed it onto your site.

Where you embed your opt-in box depends on your chosen implementation method. You may need to paste the code provided by your opt-in service or tool, or modify your WordPress template to embed the code. Ask your web developer to do this for you if you aren’t sure where or how to add the code.

5. Set your opt-in box or popup to go live, load your website, enter your email address in the opt-in box or popup, and check your email service to confirm that you've successfully subscribed to your list.

Test a few different URLs on your site using different email addresses to make sure everything is working as it should.