Implement an account-based marketing strategy

1. Make your website a dynamic experience by personalizing headlines, CTAs, and social proof so that they resonate with your prospect’s industry, job title, or metrics they care about.

Common social proofs include case studies and testimonials. You can also recognize return visitors by adding personalized messages like Welcome back! and providing a relevant CTA that allows them to easily pick up where they left off in their previous visit.

2. Send personalized direct mail after a meaningful engagement, like a demo.

Even with the rise of digital, direct mail has never gone out of style. Receiving and opening a tangible object leaves a lasting impression on prospects, which is why direct mail is such a popular ABM tactic. Direct mail to B2B recipients has a response rate of 4%, according to PostGrid. Consider using this tactic in tandem with outreach through another channel, like email, referencing back to your most recent engagement with the prospect - the direct mail you just sent them - and discussing next steps. This increases the chances that you will get noticed and that your prospect will respond.

3. Send highly personalized emails that deliver value to your prospects. Personalize the subject lines so that recipients are more likely to open them.

Leverage different levels of personalization in these emails: With one-to-one emails, you’ll be speaking directly to a single prospect’s interests and pain points. With one-to-many emails, you’re still providing a personalized touch to your message, but it might speak to an entire account’s wants and needs rather than a single person at that account.

4. Optimize and personalize your landing pages to address your prospects’ needs, interests, and pain points.