Identify and remove spam from GA

1. Navigate to Acquisitions > All Traffic > Referrals.

2. Set the date range to 2 months minimum.

3. Sort by descending bounce rate.

4. Identify spam traffic sources.

Look for traffic sources with bounce rate as 100% and Avg. Session Duration is 0. Usually, spam websites contain words like traffic, SEO, bots, or other words that stand out of the norm. Note down these URLs for the next step

5. Exclude the spam traffic sources from the Google Analytics view.

Navigate to the Admin section. Click All Filters. Click ADD FILTER. The Filter Name should be descriptive, for example, ‘Spam Traffic Filter’. Select Custom, Exclude, and then Campaign Source from the Filter field dropdown. Enter the URLs from your original list to the Filter Pattern section. Select the GA views, you’d like to apply this to and click Add. Press the Save button.