Grow your email marketing list

1. Implement an email subscription form or an email subscription pop-up on your website to collect new subscriptions.

Give users incentives to subscribe. Explain the value of the subscription; briefly describe the content that the users can expect after subscribing such as, stay up to date with the latest offers and articles. Provide a financial incentive like a small discount of 5% for a new subscription or free content. Use simple forms with a few fields, ideally just the one for the e-mail address, to increase the form submission rate.

2. Offer downloadable content such as white papers, ebooks, or market reports, in exchange for email addresses.

Use social media marketing to promote this content and drive additional subscriptions.

3. Implement an optional email subscription checkbox in the checkout page.

Alternatively, you can implement an email subscription checkbox on the confirmation page.

4. Use a giveaway contest on social media to drive email subscriptions.

Use a prize to attract new subscribers, such as a voucher or one of the products offered on your website. Offer monthly giveaways to subscribers to motivate them to stay on your subscriber list.

5. Invite your social media fans and followers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Create a dedicated landing page for the fans or followers. Send users to this page, from one of your posts or tweets.

6. Let users control their content preferences to increase their engagement and retention.

Segment your content by category, for example, promotions, tutorials, and product news. Collect the user’s email content preferences, for example, in the My Account page on your website.

7. Implement a referral program and ask users to refer friends who might be interested in your products or services.

Use double-sided rewards as incentives to encourage your current subscribers to refer friends, and to stimulate the friends to subscribe as well. Alternatively, you can use one-sided referral rewards or a leaderboard system, to encourage subscribers to refer multiple friends.

8. Create a dedicated landing page for an upcoming event, such as a product launch or a conference. Offer a limited number of seats and invite users to join the waitlist. Encourage them to refer additional friends in order to advance on the waitlist.

Offer the possibility to invite multiple friends to join the event as well.