Get started with CRO driven growth

1. Push for expanding CRO beyond advertising, to the rest of the organization by presenting small wins.

Each organization is at a different stage of maturity when it comes to conversion optimization. Present small wins to your peers in order to convince the company to adopt CRO: Use the results of your efforts as the rationale behind running deeper and more integrated tests. Use landing page wins as the rationale for testing the home page or product pages. Find potential big impact opportunities that can be done for the least amount of investment possible. Get small tests scheduled and share the results widely, building buy in along the way.

2. Double down optimization efforts on what's working, instead of trying to fix broken or inefficient channels.

For example, Dropbox knew that their paid acquisition efforts weren’t working, but their high customer satisfaction and organic word of mouth were natural drivers. Instead of focusing on how to make paid acquisition work, they spent all their efforts optimizing and amplifying the natural acquisition channels that were working.

3. Focus on getting the right people closer to the end goal instead of optimizing individual steps of your funnel.

Look at optimization results in the greater context of the growth of your company, and balance the optimization of any particular part of your funnel with the overall goals of your business. Getting the wrong person one step closer to a goal they’ll never reach, doesn’t translate into gains for your business. Only when your CRO efforts are aligned with getting the right people to your must-have experience, will your efforts turn into a growth engine.