Get sponsors for your blog

1. Use Google Analytics to collect key data about your website, such as audience demographics, traffic statistics, engagement, and traffic sources.

Potential sponsors will request a clear picture of the results you can deliver. You can also survey users with a tool like SurveyMonkey to create a list of brands popular with them.

2. Create a list of potential sponsors by cataloging brands that align with your audience.

Include brands mentioned by influencers in your niche on YouTube videos, newsletters, or blog posts. Use Statista, G2, and industry directories to find companies that fit your criteria. Check LinkedIn and job boards for companies who have or are hiring influencer marketing managers. Find events in your niche and see which companies are listed as sponsors. Google your keyword or industry followed by a phrase like “write for us” to find companies that accept guest writers. They may also be open to paying for content posted on other blogs.

3. Use a tool like to find the contact information of potential sponsors.

4. Create a sponsor page on your site that highlights what the site is about and how sponsoring would benefit a company.

Include information on past sponsors, traffic and engagement data, and results from any past or ongoing sponsorships.

5. Create ad space on your blog to show that you’re looking for sponsors.

Link your placeholder ad space to your sponsor page.

6. Reach out to potential sponsors with a sponsorship email that includes your performance reports, links to your sponsorship page, and highlights your sponsorship goals.

Personalize the email and make it relevant for their niche. If they have public goals, show how you can contribute to those goals.