Get email addresses from leads

1. Focus your email address gathering efforts on a specific audience so you can tailor your messaging.

Tailoring your efforts is the most effective way to engage with leads, so focus only on those that meet the requirements for becoming an ideal client. A detailed buyer persona will help you choose the right language and strategy to gather emails.

2. Give your leads a reason to provide their email, such as the opportunity to get a discount code.

Your leads are not going to give you their contact information without a good reason. Make them an offer that they can’t resist, and reward them for providing you with their email address. Use what you know about your buyer persona to provide an offer that addresses their pain points and offers a solution. It needs to be relevant, so if they are on your website browsing your product offerings, offer them a discount on their first purchase in exchange for opting into emails. Some examples of incentives are: Entry into a competition. How-to guides.  Reports or whitepapers. Access to a free course or webinar. Discounts or coupons.

3. Leverage paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to sign up users for your email list.

Social media advertising not only helps you gain followers, but also allows you to create email leads. Promote your offers and run paid posts that ask viewers for an email address in exchange for a discount or free trial.

4. Engage your viewers with valuable content so they can see the benefits of subscribing.

Not all prospective leads will be willing to offer up an email address right away – many want to see some value first. Ensure you provide accessible content that gives them a taste of what they will get by joining your email list. Encourage them to provide an email so that you can give them more details on how to best solve their problem. For example, you can create a social media ad that addresses their pain points and provides some solutions.

5. Make the signup process simple and straightforward.

If your efforts are effective, your viewers will click on the link to provide their contact information. Don’t overwhelm them with a million questions – keep it basic, and thank them for their efforts.

6. Address any objections people may have while signing up at the point of action.

People may be worried about the frequency of your emails, whether you will sell their email address and how easy it will be to unsubscribe. Include messaging alongside your call to action that addresses these objections.

7. Ensure you continue to provide value once you have somebody’s email.

Because it is a trivial matter for people to unsubscribe or add your emails to spam, it is important to deliver on the promises you made and then continue to provide value. Focusing purely on selling your product or service will lead to lots of emails getting marked as spam and reducing the chance of your emails reaching people.