Generate leads without using forms copy

1. Publish content that is carefully selected and will attract users to click for more. Use a variety of formats on your blog and social media accounts.

For example: Create Stories on Facebook and Instagram for better engagement.  Guest blogging on popular sites in your industry is still effective for building authority.  Long-form content on LinkedIn is ideal for reaching B2B customers.

2. Use Live Chat to interact with visitors, answer questions, and invite them to submit contact information or request a free sample or trial. If live chat isn't practical, consider a chatbot.

Use live chat and chatbots to collect data and identify frequently asked questions.

3. Send targeted direct mail to leads from brokers to invite people to a webinar or live event. Postcards are cost effective.

For selling physical products, you can send recipients to your product pages.

4. Hold live webinars to educate your audience, build brand recognition, and generate leads. Provide authoritative advice on a key area of expertise. Re-broadcast live webinars as Youtube videos or gated content to get more interactions.

Use visuals such as charts and graphs to make key points. A strong call-to-action can sell products on the spot or motivate participants to request further information.

5. Leverage social proof in the form of testimonials and video reviews to highlight your promoters. Encourage customers to provide feedback on specific features and solutions.

To maintain trust, provide as much information as possible about reviewers. If possible, include a link to their website.

6. Develop relationships on forums and groups where you can share your knowledge and meet people whose problems you can solve. Don't try to sell to people; simply share information and get people curious about what you can do for them.

Start your own group on Facebook or LinkedIn and invite your qualified contacts.