Gain SEO backlinks

1. Look at the top 10 ranking results for your blog topics and make a list of things they do and don't cover.

Create content that improves on the things they are including and mentions things they aren’t. This will make your content more comprehensive and linkable.

2. Brainstorm questions that existing website visitors have around your blog topics. Write content that answers those questions better than your competitors.

“Better” can mean more in-depth, easier to understand, or more enjoyable to read. For example, if you are writing an “ultimate guide” to something, answer all of the what, why, how-tos around that topic. A content research tool like Surfer, PageOptimizer Pro, or can provide you with related questions around a particular topic.

3. Create infographics for posts that bring the most traffic to your site, and add them to the post.

Share a part of the infographic on sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

4. Use a tool like Google Forms to conduct surveys. Analyze and publish data that you can’t find elsewhere.

Share your forms with your customers, social media, and your target audience. The goal is to find unique data that means people have to link to you when using. It’s something they can’t find elsewhere.

5. Make a list of non-competing famous people in your industry and interview them.

If you’re a service provider, consider bloggers and owners of tools. If you’re a B2C fashion retailer, that could include Instagram influencers.

6. Turn an interview into a blog post. Ask the famous person to share it with their audience.

Email them the published link and ask them share the post on social media.

7. Give a testimonial to bloggers and businesses that you use and enjoy.

Send the testimonial via email. Ask them to mention that the testimonial was from your business, and include a link. Publish the testimonial on your website, if appropriate. For example, if you sell marketing services, you may want to mention Mailchimp in a Top marketing apps blog post. Share that with Mailchimp. They may link to it from their site since it positions the brand in a good light.

8. Join communities, such as Facebook groups or subreddits, around your industry or skills.

Volunteer when you see an interview or guest-for-podcast opportunity, or a call from a writer asking for a quote.