Fix grammar mistakes in your content

1. Read your writing word by word to find misspelled words and grammatical errors.

2. Use software like Grammarly to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.

For example, saw an 80% conversion hike after correcting a single spelling mistake (“Tihgts” instead of “Tights”) on their category page. Image Source

3. Double check your thank you or welcome messages for mistakes.

For example, even seemingly tiny errors, like this one on Loop 11’s sign up page, can affect a site’s credibility.  Image Source

4. Have your content proofread to catch any errors you missed.

If you don’t have, or can’t hire a professional proofreader, have your copy reviewed by a friend or another member on your team.

5. Read your content aloud and listen to every word closely to identify errors.

This will also help you develop your writing style, as you’ll begin to write like you talk and use simple language to break down complex ideas.

6. Revisit content with a fresh pair of eyes right before publishing it to catch errors you missed the first time.

Editing content right after writing it increases your chances of missing errors.