Find relevant publications to contribute to with quotes

1. Make a list of people in your company who would be willing to contribute quotes to other publications and add their topics of expertise.

Example topics of expertise include inbound marketing, SEO, and team management.

2. Subscribe to HARO and submit quotes when you get requests that are relevant to your business.

HARO (short for Help A Reporter Out) is a classic way to get backlinks. Subscribe as a contributor to get daily email requests for quotes from different publications. An example request:  Both bloggers and journalists use HARO to ask for quotes. If you are seeking backlinks and visibility in your industry, either will suit. But if you only want press mentions, check each request and only submit your quotes to journalists who represent newspapers. Check your HARO requests as soon as they land in your inbox (typically twice a day) and submit your quote on the same day. The quicker you are, the better your chances of being featured. Expect 2-3 out of 10 submitted quotes to get published with a backlink (a 20%-25% success rate).

3. Find publications that are quoting experts by searching Google for specific text patterns.

Search for terms like: “We asked experts” + [topic] e.g. “we asked experts” work from home "experts share their tips" + [topic]  "experts share their advice" + [topic] These types of content usually reward the contributor with a link back to their website.

4. Make a list of influencers, leaders, and popular conferences speakers in your industry and search Google for articles that quote them.

For example: “says” + [name of influencer] e.g. “says” Rand Fishkin Alternatively, use Ahrefs’s Content explorer tool for similar results and filter out publications with a low Domain Rating (DR).

5. Apply positive & negative filtering criteria to qualify the best prospects for your efforts.

Example criteria: DR (Domain Rating) > 40  Has an editor Links back to the author of the quote (“dofollow”) The blog is relevant to your topic