Find hidden concerns with shipping and returns

1. Set up behavior tags to track visitor activity on key pages.

Go to Settings in Lucky Orange and choose Recordings. Add the URL for the page you want to track and name the behavior tag with a clear name like “Shipping Policy” or “Return Policy.” Gif showing how to set up behavior tags in Lucky Orange to easily find recordings URLs that include the keyword "shipping"

2.  Refine results by excluding recordings that completed the checkout.

Use Lucky Orange behavior tags to automatically flag recordings that contain the keyword “checkout” in the URL or similar phrases used by your website like “order confirmation” or “thank you” that indicate a customer made a purchase. These need to be set up before running this search. Excluding recordings where a customer made a purchase helps you narrow down to recordings of those customers who may have concerns about shipping or return policies.

3. Review the filtered list of recordings to look for behavior that indicates shoppers are confused or want additional information.

Look for recordings that show someone adding to cart then clicking on shipping or return policy links. Watch recordings to see if the customer adds to cart then navigate to other areas of your site, like contact us, FAQs or other non-product pages. This could indicate they’re looking for information about shipping and return policies but can’t find it.  Gif of a Lucky Orange session recording showing a website visitor adding an item to their cart then navigating to the shipping policies page for more information

4.  Review the recording for signals that indicate frustration or confusion.

Watch for people highlighting large blocks of text and then abandoning your site. This could mean there is something unfavorable in your shipping or return policy the customer didn’t like.  See if the visitor scrolls to the bottom of the page then scrolls back up the page. Watch for people who read the page, navigate to a different page and then return to the page again. These signals could mean they didn’t find what they were looking for. Gif of a Lucky Orange session recordings showing a website visitor moving their mouse over text they are reading on teh shipping policy page of a website

5.  Use an onsite survey or live chat prompt to get information about what visitors are searching for on your site.

Conduct additional user research by using an onsite survey or live chat prompt asking visitors if they have any questions about your policies.  Pair the visitor behavior insights from recordings with first-hand visitor responses to get a complete picture of customer concerns.  Lucky Orange live chat dialogue window showing a visitor chatting with an agent about the company's return policies