Find and add royalty-free music to a video

1. Research royalty-free sites and choose the ones that fit your needs, depending on the video you want to create.

For example, you could research YouTube’s free audio library, or affordable options such as Epidemic Sound or Audio Jungle. If using YouTube’s audio library, select the No attribution necessary option.

2. Preview the music until you find several potential options, and choose a genre that is appropriate for the theme of your video.

For example, a corporate software video could suit electronica, whilst a baby video might fit with an acoustic track better.

3. Choose tracks with lengths that match that your video, if possible.

For example, if your video is 45 seconds long, find a track that is at least 45 seconds long.

4. Download 2-3 track options and play them against your video to test which one will work best.

5. Add your chosen music track to your video in your video editing software, such as Premiere Pro, iMovie, or Filmora.

Cut the music to match the size of the video if necessary. You can add a fade in and out at the start and end of the video, if it matches the mood. If the music is layered with other audio, such as a person speaking, adjust volumes so that the speaker can be heard.

6. Preview your video to see if your music matches the mood and aims you wanted to achieve.

If the video is too long for your music, you can either loop the music, or include several music tracks.