Exclude IP addresses from Google Analytics

1. Find the IP addresses of your network and all the other networks that you want to exclude from your Analytics reports.

Go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and note down that IP address from the page. This could be the IP address of the office of your company or your home IP address.

2. Ask your employees who work from home, freelancers, or agencies that your work with, for their IP addresses as well, if they visit your website frequently.

This will ensure that your reports are not skewed by the website visitors who are not your customers or prospects. Take note of their answers so that you can exclude them in the next steps.

3. Go to Google Analytics > Admin, navigate to the View column and click the New filter button to start a new filter configuration.

4. Define the IP exclusion filter parameters:

Enter a descriptive name in the Filter name field, for example, Office traffic IP excluded, Internal IP addresses excluded, or the specific IP address. Leave the filter type as predefined. In the first drop-down menu select Exclude. In the second drop-down menu select Traffic from the IP addresses. In the third drop-down menu select that are equal to. Enter your IP address in the IP address field. Click Save.

5. Create a separate filter for each of the IP addresses you want to exclude.

Repeat step 3 and 4 for all the IP addresses that you want to exclude.