Evaluate ad extension performance in Google Ads

1. Within Google Ads, navigate to Ads & Extensions > Extensions, and click the Table icon in the upper right corner to switch from the Summary to the Table view.

2. Click the + icon to add a segment to see how your extensions performed.

When the default settings are selected, the table you’ll see shows you the performance of the ads when the extensions ran. It does not show the performance of the actual extensions.

3. Click Segment and select This Extension vs. Other to see the performance of the specific ad extension broken out on its own row.

4. To review automated extensions, select Automated Extensions from the dropdown on the top left.

With automated extensions, you will not be able to see This Extension vs. Other, and you won’t see any details into the text contained in the automated extensions.

5. Check the This extension metrics when evaluating the performance of individual extensions.

6. Choose the Extensions view to view the aggregate performance of your ad extension, or Associations view to break out performance for specific ad groups, campaigns, and account where they are served.

7. Select one ad extension type from the dropdown in the upper left to review it by itself.

Reviewing all extensions at once can be very crowded and confusing, so use this option to isolate and review individual extensions.

8. Add any columns for metrics you'd like to see. Keep in mind that non-clickable extensions (such as callouts) will have no clicks, no CTR, no cost, and no conversion data.

9. Use the Click type segment to see details about interactions when the ad extension was shown.

10. Edit or replace underperforming ad extensions, or opt out of automated ad extensions to keep them from serving.