Engage lost visitors with push notifications

1. Subscribe to a web push notifications tool that offers maximum functionality, is flexible, and has minimum impact on your site performance.

Analyze the various web push notifications tools available for the following features: Ease of installation and implementation. Number of triggers offered.  Visitor segmentation.  A/B test your push notifications.  Impact of JS code snippet on site performance. VWO Engage, for instance, enables you to create personalized notifications, use a variety of triggers (including custom ones), and schedule notifications. It uses code that does not slow down your site.

2. Set up your push notifications tool by creating an account and copying the JavaScript code snippet provided by the tool into your website.

This code helps you deliver push notifications, segment your audience, and track performance of push notifications. VWO Engage SmartCode

3. Choose where you want the opt-in to appear: every page that the visitor lands on for the first time or specific pages only.

Opt-in is taking consent from the visitor that they are willing to receive push notifications from your brand.  If you want the opt-in to appear on every page, paste the JavaScript code snippet before the tag in your site’s code. This is the recommended option. If you want the opt-in to appear only on some pages, paste the JavaScript snippet before the tag of the specific pages where you want the opt-in to appear.

4. Create segments for your subscribers based on their operating system, platform, browser, location, and time zone or on visitor actions such as page visited or referral type.

5. Customize the opt-in with an image, title, subtitle, and text for allow and disallow buttons.

Customizing the opt-in using VWO Engage

6. Create your first notification by entering the title, message, and URL (where you want users to land).

For example, if you are creating a push notification to retarget cart abandoners, these fields could be:  Title: Hey, looks like you’ve left something behind in your cart! Message: Use Promo code “CART15” to get a 15% off on your cart value just for today.  URL: [cart page].

7. Select the segment of subscribers you want to retarget with this campaign, preview your notification, choose and customize your trigger, then send or schedule the notification.

Crafting a push notification in VWO Engage

8. Track your key metrics in your notifications tool dashboard and analyze the impact of your campaign.

Look at figures like number of subscribers for each segment, total subscribers, subscriber distribution by browser, number of push notifications delivered, number of clicks, click rate, and post-click data like conversions, leads, and sales. VWO Engage dashboard tracks all critical metrics