Edit multi cam footage

1. Import your footage into your preferred video editing software, such as Premiere Pro or Movavi.

Premiere Pro has a multi-camera setting that makes it easier to edit multi-camera footage.

2. Layer video footage one on top of each other and synchronize the sound by using video editing software, such as Filmora or iMovie.

If each camera is linked to a different microphone, create a sharp sound, such as a clap, at the start of filming. This makes synchronization easier, because all cameras are unlikely to be turned on at the same time.

3. To switch tracks, cut the layers on top of the video you want to display.

Think of these tracks as layers, you need to remove the first one to see the second, and so on.

4. Add a filter as a top track to unify the look of the video throughout.

Sometimes lighting choices during filming mean that the videos have a different appearance. Most video editing softwares offer this as an option.

5. Edit the sound within your video editing software and ensure that every speaker is audible by raising the audio level to be similar across the video.

Mute the audio on the footage when it is not the main feature to avoid unnecessary background noise. For example, in an interview video, mute the interviewer after he’s finished asking his question. If your audio needs more specialist cleaning, you can use software such as Audacity or GarageBand.

6. Create natural sound transitions by detaching the audio from the videos and slightly overlapping the unmuted tracks as they start and end.