Edit and upload your virtual summit videos

1. Conduct pre-interview checks and ensure both you and your guest have a stable internet connection, are in quiet surroundings, have a professional audio setup, and sufficient video quality and lighting.

Stable internet connection, ideally wired. Quiet surrounding. Professional audio setup with microphone + headphones. Adequate video quality and lighting.

2. Before starting the recording, ask your guest to leave a 5-second pause if they want to start over that specific section during the interview.

This noticeable pause will make it easier for you to edit your audio.

3. Remove filler words, connection interruptions, and any ums or ahs. Cut where appropriate to make watching the session a seamless experience.

4. Add an intro and outro to strengthen the brand recognition of your event.

By having a custom intro and outro, you’ll make it easier for attendees to remember your summit and strengthen the brand recognition over time. Keep the intro shorter than 7-10 seconds, the outro can be slightly longer if you combine it with a call to action.

5. Match your and your guest's audio levels to make the recording easier to listen to.

If you have the budget, invest in a tool like Streamyard or Vmix that let you record the audio streams of yourself and your guest separately. That’ll simplify matching volume levels in the editing.

6. Upload to a reliable video host like Vimeo or Wistia to ensure smooth playback, and set the privacy settings to ensure the videos cannot be downloaded or shared easily, and can only be embedded on your summit's website.

Having a custom-branded video embed will increase the perceived production quality of your event.

7. Adjust the embedded player's colors to match those of your brand or summit.

The matching color scheme is important to keep the branding on point and create a consistent UX for your attendees and customers.