Edit a video on your Android mobile

1. Download or update Google Photos on your Android device to access the latest features.

Google Photos is the default photo app on Android phones and tablets. Features discussed in this playbook are new for 2021. The app is free from the Google Play Store.

2. Open your video in Google Photos and tap on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap on Video to prepare your film for publishing.

You can use the tools in this section of the app to: Capture still pictures from your film to use as thumbnails in advertising your video. Remedy a shaky camera by using the stabilization tool to stabilize your picture. Trim the video’s play length for any required playing time. Mute the original audio for silence during playback or to replace the original audio with something else.

4. Tap on Crop to alter your video’s size for your chosen social media platform.

5. Change visual elements and make lighting and color corrections with the Adjust feature.

This is useful if you film the video under less-than-ideal lighting conditions. You can also use this feature to add different vignettes to the video or portray a specific style or theme.

6. Apply filters to alter the overall appearance of your video using the Filters button.

Filter options include: Black & white. Artistic styles, like canvas or crumpled paper. Vintage and Super-8 styles. Color overlays that simulate different lighting conditions and lens filters.

7. Add personalized effects and freehand drawings to your video using the Markup tool.

The markup function lets you select from multiple colors and brush styles to create unique, customized effects in your videos. Hand-draw effects directly onto your film to: Visually highlight specific areas of a scene.  Add playful, cartoon-like special effects or edits. Insert hand-drawn animations.