Earn links with the broken link building method

1. Type your competitors’ websites into a tool like Ahrefs Site Explorer.

2. In Ahrefs Site Explorer, go to best by links and click on http code.

3. Select 404 not found to display all the broken pages that have many inbound links.

4. Export the list and enter each page individually into Ahrefs Site Explorer to export its backlinks.

5. Use a tool like Wayback Machine to check the content that used to be on the page.

6. Create a similar piece of content or find a similar one that already exists on your website.

7. Reach out to all webmasters that have links pointing to the broken pages and ask them to change these to your pages instead.

Make sure to point out the broken link they are linking to and mention why yours is a superior piece of content, to give them incentive to link to your website instead.