Earn conversions from Twitter traffic

1. Fill up all the fields in your Twitter profile to build authenticity and boost findability.

Use a profile picture or your business logo with header images as a display board that conveys the latest information about your business.

2. Scan Tweeted questions using Twitter Advanced Search or TweetDeck and answer them.

Type a space and ‘?’ or ‘ ‘ after your search query to locate questions in your niche or people’s negative experience about related services. For example, the following image displays the results from a Twitter search for “save GIFs ?“.

3. Use tools like Tweet Alerts, Viral Content Bee, Sparktoro’s Trending, Sprout Social, and Agorapulse to find relevant and popular Tweets to reply to or reTweet.

4. Offer free or low-cost 'teaser' products or services.

For example, Tweet an offer of a free 1 hour video course or a webinar-based workshop. Later, upsell the full, paid course.

5. Use Twitter cards to display a preview of your landing page.

6. Track your Twitter traffic on your website with a tool like Finteza and retarget previous customers with custom offers.

For example, promote a content marketing course to bloggers on Twitter with a CTA to sign up to a mailing list for free writing tips. If they respond, display a different CTA offering your premium course.

7. Plan 10-20 Tweets for each blog post or white paper on your website, each highlighting different information, ahead of time.

For example, if your white paper includes a lot of statistics, you could schedule a selection of ‘Did you know that x out of y people…’ type Tweets. Use tools like MavSocial or ContentCal to schedule your Tweets. Include a CTA within each Tweet if you’re offering a download or subscription.

8. Use the BuzzSumo tool to locate influencers in your business area and offer free trials to entice these people to Tweet a review.


9. Find your older posts with the highest engagement rates with Twitter Analytics and tag an influencer, inviting feedback.

Increase the reach of such tweets with paid Twitter ads.

10. When running a Twitter Ads campaign, select the Website clicks or Conversions option.