Drive brand awareness on Instagram

1. Create posts with consistent designs, bright colors and large fonts to attract viewers to your Instagram page.

A unified theme and color palette helps build a brand identity. Image credit

2. Share industry-specific knowledge and emotional stories.

For example, if your product is targeted at small business owners, share success stories and journeys of other similar entrepreneurs. 

3. Turn reports into collections of images or a video sequence, articles into micro tips, and data into graphs and charts.

4. Post video demonstrations and reviews of your products or services.

5. Give out discounts or samples to people who refer new customers.

6. Share user testimonials and positive reviews from followers.

Convert these to image or video posts to boost engagement.

7. Reply to comments and thank your followers for sharing your posts.

Build personal connections with your customers. Stay genuine and positive; responding helpfully to a negative review might build a good relationship in the long term.

8. Quote, mention, and tag other brands, influencers and celebrities to involve them in your posts and increase outreach.

9. Use the automated placement feature of paid Instagram ads to increase click-throughs.

Drive organic traffic growth by mixing paid ads with unsponsored stories in your feed.