Do a virtual summit encore

1. Update the copy on your website, adjust access permissions for your session pages, and configure your countdown timers to make summit sessions available again for the duration of the encore.

How you do this depends on the platform you are using for your event. For example, if you were using the Deadline Funnel SaaS platform, all you would have to do is adjust the end dates for your deadline campaigns (when creating one campaign per day). Talk to your web developer if you use a different platform or aren’t sure how to update your website copy, adjust access permissions, or configure your countdown timers.

2. Create an automated email sequence to announce and guide attendees through the encore before it starts.

Most email services, including Active Campaign and ConvertKit, allow you to create automated email sequences. Check your email service provider product manual to ensure that you can send automated campaigns based on dates and user behavior (such as if somebody clicked on a link or opened a specific email.) Add at least three emails to your automated email sequence: Email 1: Announce the encore and give the attendees access to all summit sessions for a limited time. Email 2: Remind your attendees on closing day that the encore will soon be over and invite them to buy your offer. Email 3: A last reminder a few hours before you close the cart to your offer and shut down the encore.

3. Deliver a special masterclass during the encore to make it more engaging.

Delivering a masterclass gives you another reason to make some noise and promote the encore to your attendees, while leading with free value.

4. Use a tool like Survey Monkey or Google Forms to survey your audience during or after the encore to collect feedback on the quality of your summit, what sessions they enjoyed the most, and what questions were left open.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how you can make your next summit even better. Keep the survey short and to the point and make sure it’s easy for your attendees to fill out.

5. Invite attendees to a follow-up webinar, a free Q&A session, or other events you have coming up.

You’ll want to keep in touch with your attendees, and they’re still excited from attending your event. Use this excitement to build a deeper relationship with them.

6. Promote any existing products or services you have via email or at the end of your encore masterclass to generate additional revenue.

Consider the masterclass as a showcase of your skills and offers to the attendees. Keep the format similar to the webinar where you sell your offer, lead with value, and pitch your offer at the end. You can also pre-sell products you are working on, such as a new membership site, community, or course.

7. Ensure all summit sessions can only be accessed by All-Access Pass owners once the encore is over.

Don’t leave the summit sessions available once the encore is over. Double-check that all sessions are restricted to your All-Access Pass membership area and only accessible to paying customers. If somebody without an All-Access Pass tries to access a session, they should be redirected to a page explaining that the summit has ended. You can, and should, pitch the All-Access Pass on that page.

8. Send a follow-up email to all attendees who didn't upgrade to your All-Access Pass one week after the summit.

This email is another chance to collect feedback on how you can make your next virtual summit better. Understanding how your attendees perceived the event is crucial for improving your next virtual summit.