Delete a Google Analytics account

1. Remove your Google Analytics tracking code from your website to stop tracking.

If you added the Google Analytics tracking code as per these instructions, remove the code from the section of every page on your website. If the code was deployed by a web developer, ask them to remove the code. If you deployed the code using Google Tag Manager: Log in to Google Tag Manager. Click on Tags. Check the box next to every Google Analytics tag you use. Click on the Trash bin icon. Click on Submit. Add the new version name for example, Google Analytics tags removed and click on Publish.

2. Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on Admin in the side navigation bar.

3. Click on account settings in the account column.

4. Click on Move to Trash Can.

Your account data will be deleted permanently within 35 days.

5. To restore your Google Analytics before the 35 days are up and the data is deleted permanently:

Log in to Google Analytics. Click on Admin. In the Account column, click on Trash can. Click on Restore.