Define your social media goals

1. Broadly define the reason your business is or will be active on social media. Relate it to your larger marketing strategy.

2. Review your current social media efforts to understand how they fit into your broad definition.

3. Define and assess the amount of time and resources allotted to your social media strategy.

4. Define which social media platforms you want to use based on which best reach your audience.

5. Set a specific timeline by which you want to achieve a tangible improvement in your social media efforts.

6. Identify specific KPIs that are directly related to your broad reason to be on social media.

7. Define the percentage increase you want to achieve by your defined timeline for each KPI.

8. Create broad social media SMART goals using your timeline, KPIs, and percentage improvements for all KPIs.

9. Periodically review your social media goals. Check that they're still relevant to your broader marketing efforts.