Define the message for an audience segment

1. Review your key brand pillars and messaging across all audience segments.

2. Create or review audience segments with a discernible difference in demographics, psychographics, and behaviors.

3. Choose the audience segment for which you want to customize your message.

4. Create or review a buyer persona for the segment that outlines members’ motivations, desires, pain points, and buying behaviors.

5. Create message pillars specifically tailored to the segments’ unique characteristics, based on audience segment research.

6. Review messages for the segment to ensure they still fit within your larger brand pillars.

7. Test segment-specific messaging against more general brand messaging in marketing channels targeting this segment, such as email or paid social.

8. Adjust your segment-specific messaging over time based on your testing results and regular performance reviews.

9. Keep an updated definition of the segment-specific message in your larger brand style guide for future reference.