Curate Content from an RSS Feed in

1. Use an API Import step and paste your RSS feed URL in it.

2. Use a JSON flattener to expand the content and make it readable.

Alternatively, you can use RSS by Zapier and paste your RSS feed URLs there as the trigger and have new content get sent to a Google Sheet as the action. Repeat for each additional RSS feed.

3. Use FiveFilters to create RSS feeds from any website, even if they don’t have a native RSS feed.

View Steps 1 and 2 of the “Automate a Newsletter” article to view in-depth instructions on how to create an RSS feed using Five Filters.

4. Use a Column Filter step to keep the article title, article description, and article link.

5. Use an Insert Column step to create a column called “Channel” and name it after the website you filled in the content for.

6. Insert an Add Date and Time step to insert a timestamp.

7. Use a Stack Tables step to combine all the RSS feeds together and De-dupe by the article URL.

You can duplicate each of these groups for 1 RSS feed and then merge them using Table Merge functions. Each row of duplicated steps in the image is 1 RSS feed that is merged using a Stack Tables step.