Cross-sell products to ecommerce customers

1. Display a list of your most popular bestsellers on your website, regardless of whether they’re associated with the product or category the customer is browsing.

2. Show a Customers also bought product listing on the product page and checkout page, which creates social proof and encourages the customer to consider the product because other people have purchased it.

3. Offer product bundles that bundle the product customers want with popular accessories or add-ons, thus reducing decision fatigue.

4. Show value, not just cost competitiveness, such as customer testimonials on why this add-on item made a difference.

5. Create and promote a Get free shipping if you spend X or more offer, and push the offer heavily on the shipping page of the checkout process to encourage customers to add more items to their cart.

6. Insert a time urgency element to all cross-sell offers, such as a timer countdown on the checkout page’s cross-sell discount, or a badge on the product image that says Limited time or Limited stock.

7. Add a cross-sell offer to the final order confirmation page, promoting a limited time discount on a popular related product that’s only available now during checkout.

8. Segment all past customers by their past purchases, and use automated email marketing to offer discounts on their favorite product categories.