Cross-sell in transactional emails

1. Open your email platform and navigate to your transactional emails.

Open your standard transactional email template in your editor, and insert a new content block underneath the transactional information.

2. Give the content block an eye-catching title, set to between 20pt-24pt.

Examples of good cross- sell titles: You’ll love these Have you seen these? [FIRSTNAME], we think these are perfect for you Get more out of [Product] with…

3. Underneath your title add 3 - 6 complimentary product images, with a maximum of 3 products per row.

Link each product image to its relevant sales page. Alternatively, forgo the product images, and just add a CTA like Check out complimentary products.

4. Under each product image, insert a CTA button that links to the relevant product page.

Make the CTA compelling by either creating scarcity, or promoting an offer for the product. Examples of good product CTAs: Buy now and save 10% Last few! Get them while you can Shop now before it’s too late Click here and save $20

5. Underneath your products and product-specific CTAs, insert a general CTA button that links a user to your bestsellers.

This is to try and capture any users who were not interested in your displayed products above. Examples of good general CTA button copy: None of the above doing it for you? Shop bestsellers See all our awesome bestsellers See more great complimentary products Click here to see our full range

6. Rigorously test your new template by running a spam test, and testing the email in different inboxes.

Litmus is an excellent inbox and spam testing app. It’s important that you test these emails, as they typically contain important information. Adding products or images may cause a decrease in deliverability. If this happens, consider removing product images and just linking to a landing page with complementary products. In general, a transactional email should be focused on just that, the transaction.