Create social media retargeting campaigns

1. Set a goal for your retargeting campaign.

2. Identify the specific audience you are targeting for your campaign, based on your retargeting goal.

3. Create a list of leads or past customers for the target audience by compiling their contact information from your CRM.

4. Select the social media platform you would like to use for your ad campaign.

5. Upload the contact list you created and set up a custom audience in the platform’s ad manager for the campaign.

6. Design a special offer for your campaign that promotes a product relevant to your target audience’s past activity on your website.

7. Create a photo or video to attract your audience’s attention to the post, and write engaging ad copy that highlights the special offer and encourages click-throughs.

8. Set up your retargeting ad with the content, offer, target audience, and destination URL you have prepared, and set the ad budget and duration.

9. Add a UTM code to the destination URL of the retargeting ad to help track your campaign’s success.

10. Monitor and track the results of your campaign, including your ad reach, click-through rate, conversion rate, and ROI.