Create saved Stories on your Instagram

1. Create engaging Instagram Story posts, using the sticker feature to add media, effects, or interactions to each Story.

Instagram Stories appear at the top of the Instagram feed, allowing your followers to tap through snapshots. These posts typically stay live for 24 hours and can be used to advertise, promote, solicit follower feedback, or conduct polls. Sticker features include: A pinned location GIFs Music Scale ratings Polls Quiz questions Question boxes Countdown Donation solicitation

2. Draw up guidelines for content that can disappear after 24 hours, and content that you want to keep available on your profile. Consider guidelines for short-term content too, like sales that you want to promote for more than 24 hours, but will need to retire when no longer relevant.

For example, countdowns to events that have passed or shout-outs of posts that are now old are likely not worth saving. However, consider keeping posts like FAQs, key information about your brand, and account takeovers from brand ambassadors or employees that offer a unique perspective.

3. Click on the star icon as you post a Story or click on the plus icon on your profile to add a Story to a Highlight collection on your profile page.

Add the Story to an existing Highlight collection or choose a new one.

4. Choose a thumbnail image that fits well inside a circular frame and enter a short, descriptive title for each Highlight collection.

Common titles include:  About Policies FAQs Takeovers BTS or behind the scenes. Upload a cover image or select one from a Story within the Highlight.

5. Periodically tap through the Highlights section of your profile and check that all information featured is up to date.

Accurate Highlights encourage followers to use them as a reference for questions and concerns. This review cycle is particularly important if you add short-term content to your Highlights.