Create retargeting campaign with AdRoll

1. Define the audience that you want to retarget and why.

For example, past leads that haven’t converted, past customers who haven’t purchased recently, or high-value customers who you want to reach with an upcoming product launch.

2. Install the AdRoll tracking pixel in your website's header code, using either manual HTML coding or an automated tool like WooCommerce or Google Tag Manager.

3. Log in to AdRoll and click Campaigns > Social & Display Ads > Create Campaign > Retargeting on Web > Create to start your first retargeting campaign.

4. Scroll down to Audience > Create and follow the on-screen prompts to identify the audience you defined earlier.

For example, you could use data like a list of visitors to a specific URL or a record of past purchases in your CRM.

5. Set up your first ad and focus on the specific needs and interests of your retargeted audience, such as specifically mentioning a past product they purchased.

6. Click Launch.

7. If you want to extend the retargeting campaign to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, connect your social media accounts by going to Settings > Facebook .

8. Click Campaigns > Social & Display Ads > Create Campaign > Retargeting on Social > Create to start building your Facebook or Instagram retargeting campaign.

9. Follow the same on-screen prompts as you did when creating your standard retargeting campaign, then click Launch.