Create email copy that converts

1. Write a list of at least 3 variations of the subject line, trying different phrasings: as a question, a statement, or as a fact.

The subject line is your first contact with the customers and can dictate the success of your email. If people don’t open your email they won’t be able to be convinced by the structure, and 33% of people open emails based on the subject line alone. Writing variations on it will make you more likely to find that perfect line that encapsulates everything. For example: Question: Want More Peace Of Mind? Statement: We’re Destressing The World! Fact: 65% Of People Are Stressed – They Don’t Need To Be

2. Before writing your messaging, clarify what you are trying to achieve.

Are you: Making an offer? Promoting a product? Boosting interest in a product release? Building a new email list and need sign ups?

3. Write a strong first sentence by explaining the problem you are going to solve to show your readers they're in the right place.

First, show you understand the difficulties of the world your customer lives in. For example: Running is hard; it takes an iron will and rock-solid discipline to maintain the habit and see the benefits it can bring. Then dial in on the specific issues you’re aiming to solve. For example: And that’s all before you even put your shoes on. If they aren’t a good fit, then you’ve also got to deal with blisters, sprained arches, and an inefficient gait.

4. Reveal your product in the body of the email by focusing on the benefits, not the features.

For example: That’s why we’ve developed the NuShoe, an adaptive shoe that molds to your foot like it was a part of your body. Then explain how the offering is going to improve their lives. For example: With it, sprained arches, bruised heels, and general discomfort are relegated to the past, leaving you to race care-free towards a healthier future.

5. Include an attractive offer - if applicable - and highlight scarcity.

Now that you’ve piqued their interest, seal the deal by giving them an offer they can’t refuse. For example: We believe people deserve to run, carefree. That’s why today, we’re offering 50% off all purchases made on our website. If you have any limit on time, availability, or stock, mention that to add an element of scarcity that encourages the reader to act. For example: We can’t keep this offer going forever, so we will be halting the discount in 24 hours or until stock runs out, whichever comes first.

6. Write a call to action (CTA) that summarizes both the benefits and the scarcity by repeating compelling points to encourage your readers to act immediately.

A CTA is the part of your email that brings together everything you’ve laid down so far and turns it into action. For example: So, if you want to run without worrying about the health of your feet, click the link now to secure your pair of NuShoes at 50% off! Remember, this offer is only open while stocks last and we won’t be reopening it. Click here now!

7. If you have any extra offers, place them after the first CTA, and then add another small CTA with a link to your website.

For example: If that wasn’t enough, we’re also including a lifetime guarantee on every NuShoe sold, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting shoes that will keep you running for as long as you want. Click here now to secure your pair of NuShoes for 50% off!