Create email campaigns to improve conversions

1. Identify trigger events that could deliver emails relevant to the user's stage of their customer journey.

A trigger event is something the user does that could lead you to send them an automatic email. For example, if a user abandons the checkout when they see the delivery cost, this could be because they were not expecting an extra delivery charge. You could then email them offering them free delivery with their first order.

2. Email customers who abandon onboarding and include answers to the most commonly asked questions or objections.

Offer to help personally if there are other issues.

3. After the user has had a chance to use the service, offer a discount to upgrade their account.

For example, incentivize monthly subscribers to upgrade to an annual plan by offering a free month. Give a welcome discount to newly subscribed customers.

4. Send an email informing a client their wish list item is low-stock and offer a small discount code.

5. Write a series of educational emails highlighting the features of your product.

This can help to transition trial users of your product into knowledgeable buyers.

6. Provide long-standing clients with a special launch price on new features, products, or upgrades.

7. Send target emails to people who show interest in a specific product or category.

Recommend products with higher profit margins.

8. Use product recommendation emails to show clients the purchases or likes made by their social media connections.