Create dynamic ads with AdRoll

1. Choose the products you want to feature in your dynamic ads.

2. Install AdRoll’s integration with your ecommerce platform, or set up a custom product feed in AdRoll.

3. Create audience segments in AdRoll based on their funnel stage, like visitors to your product pages or shopping cart abandoners.

4. Create a dynamic, on-brand call to action that drives viewers to your product pages.

5. Implement the same, eye-catching product photography on your AdRoll product feed and your store’s product pages.

6. Keep your ad headlines and descriptions as short as possible, while still getting the most important information across.

7. Add UTM tracking codes to product URLs for post-click conversion tracking.

8. Create an A/B test in AdRoll to improve your ad copy, image, and CTA over time.

9. Regularly delete or update ads that are not performing to industry or brand benchmarks, replacing them with new alternatives over time.

10. Review your campaign at least weekly to ensure continued product accuracy and to measure performance.