Create custom conversion goals in Google Analytics

1. Log in to the Admin section of your Google Analytics account, select the View where you want to create custom conversion goals, click Goals, and click New Goal.

2. Choose from a pre-existing template or create your own Custom Goal under Goal Setup.

Revenue Goals are when you are measuring specific payments on your website. If a user registers for an event or searches for an available agent to speak, you may want to assign a Revenue Goal. Acquisition Goals are when a user creates an account on the website. Inquiry Goals are for contact form submissions or quote requests. Engagement Goals are for specific user behaviors, such as media plays, content shares on social media, online tool usage, or trial subscription.

3. Add goal tracking details to the Goal description section, and complete the Goal details section based on your business objectives and reporting requirements.

Destination: Counts a Goal completed when a user visits a specific page or URL. Duration: Goal completed when users spend a certain amount of time on your website. Pages/Screens per session: Goal completed when users view a specified number of pages in a session. Event: Goal completed when Google Analytics tracks interactions on website through Event Tracking. Set up Event Tracking before selecting Event as a Goal Type. For example, if you set up the Goal description as Destination, you would enter the destination URL in the Goal details section.

4. Setup Value and Funnels if you want to assign specific values to each conversion.

Switch the Value field to On and set a Value for each conversion, such as the average value of each lead. Switch the Funnel field to On and enter the URL of the first page the user lands on as Step 1. Leave Required set to No by default, and set up all other steps involved in the user journey until they reach your Thank You page. Click Verify this Goal, to see demo data for conversions in the last 7 days, and click Save.

5. Open a new tab in your browser, visit your website from the page where your conversion funnels starts, go through to process on your website, submit the form, and check Google Analytics for the Goal Completion.

Go to your Google Analytics dashboard, navigate to the Goal Overview report under Conversions on the left menu, and check for the Goal Completion based on the goal you’re testing.

6. Repeat this process for all other conversion goals you want to track.