Create Audiences in Google Analytics

1. Navigate to Admin > Property User Management and check whether you have Edit permissions at the property level.

Ask your administrator for Edit permissions if you don’t have them.

2. Click on Audience Definitions, Audience, and +New Audience in your selected property's admin panel to create a new audience.

In the property column click on “Audience Definitions” and then on “Audiences”. Click on “+New Audience”.

3. Select whether to create an audience from scratch or by importing an existing segment.

Click Create New to create a new audience or Import Segment to import an existing segment.

4. Choose the criteria to filter groups of users by and create the audience by moving through the left menu and filling the available fields, click Apply, and click Next Step.

You can use as many criteria as you want. For example, you can create an audience for users who came to your site from an email and send them to Google Ads for a remarketing campaign.

5. Choose the destinations where you'd like to publish your audience and click Publish.

Once you publish the audience, it will appear on the Google Marketing Platform you decided on and will start collecting users. Historical data previous to the audience creation date won’t be included.